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The Acronis Anydata Engine

What happens if your organization loses its data? Since data is your organization’s most critical corporate asset, loss of data will lead to significant financial loss – unproductive employees, lost sales, contract penalties, and costs to recreate the data. If you are subject to regulatory compliance, you can also find yourself in a non-compliant state, resulting in high fines and brand damage. With the volume of data exploding and the information technology landscape changing, you know protecting your data is vital to ensure business continuity.

Acronis® Backup Advanced suite delivers the best in class data protection products for your entire environment. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, the suite provides the fastest, most efficient backup and recovery available for your Windows® / Linux environments and VMware®, Microsoft®, Citrix®, Red Hat®, and Oracle® hypervisors – including the operating system, applications, configurations and data.

The Acronis AnyData Engine, built on advanced technology and fueled by over 50 patents, is the easiest-to-use and most innovative data protection technology available for capturing, storing, recovering, controlling and accessing the critical information your business depends on. It revolutionizes modern data protection by enabling best-in-class individual solutions – optimized for your most important workloads – to seamlessly blend into a total solution that protects any data, across any environment, in any location. The Acronis Management Server (AMS), which includes policy-driven controls and centralized reporting, provides one interface so you can easily manage all physical and virtual machine backups across your environment.

The Acronis AnyData Engine includes a patented disk-imaging technology to let you capture image-based backups and store all data in a universal backup format, allowing recovery to any hardware or virtual machine to provide the greatest flexibility in disaster recovery. You can recover an entire system – with all data intact – in minutes and you can restore files, folders, and applications to any location in record time.

For physical, virtual, cloud and heterogeneous environments:

  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Windows Server: Image-or file-based backups of entire Windows machines running a Windows Server Operating System
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Windows PC: Image-or file-based backups of entire Windows machines running a workstation operating system
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Linux Server: Image-or file-based backups of entire Linux machines
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for VMware / for Hyper-V: Agentless backup for VMware / Hyper-V virtual machines including application support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and Active Directory
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Citrix XenServer / for RHEV / for Oracle VM: Agent-based backup for Citrix XenServer / RHEV / Oracle VM virtual machines running Windows or Linux as guest operating system including application support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and Active Directory
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Exchange: Backup of Microsoft Exchange Server with cluster support and granular recovery
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for SQL / for SharePoint: Single-pass backup of Microsoft SQL Server / any server role in a SharePoint farm with application aware restore, from a single database / content database to the entire server
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Active Directory: Consistent single-pass backup and recovery of Domain Controllers, Active Directory databases, SYSVOLS and logs
  • Acronis Backup to Cloud: Flexible subscriptions available for scalable offsite storage in secure datacenters – initial seeding and large-scale recovery programs available
  • Protect any data, in any environment, across all locations
  • Best-in-class individual products – optimized for your most important workloads – so you can buy what you need and no more
  • Individual products seamlessly blend to become one backup solution for all of your physical and virtual server backup needs
  • Image-based backups quickly capture all data in one easy step
  • Backup to local disk, network disk, tape, and cloud storage
  • Easily recover to any hardware or virtual machine
  • Recover individual files, folders, applications and complete systems in minutes
  • Powerful, yet affordable suite of products powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine
  • Modular architecture lets you add on additional Acronis Backup Advanced suite products as your business grows
  • Centralized management and reporting eases IT administration
  • Flexible recovery options simplify disaster recovery and help ensure business continuity
  • Installation and configuration procedures require virtually zero learning curve
  • Complete yet easy to install, configure, and manage