Let’s Get Things Started with Amazon Web Services Cloud
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Let’s Get Things Started with Amazon Web Services Cloud

Making our year end right with a second Getting Started with Cloud event held last December 9, 2019 at Arthaland Century Pacific Tower, BGC.

Sagesoft Solutions, Inc. partnered with Amazon Web Services are sending a huge thanks to those who joined our event. It was truly an astounding and fruitful day, whereas, we aim to deliver the importance of Cloud and how it helps reach the business goals of one’s company. Speakers for the event are Mr. Benson Cruz, Mr. Ronald Allan Madla, Mr. Wilfred Bayaua, and Mr. Marnie Tolosa.

Participants came from different industries and to name a few are the Information Technology, Government, Electric Cooperative, Finance and Banking. Everyone is eager to learn new things and dig deeper for Cloud. It was indeed a remarkable experience and catches one’s interest the importance of using Cloud.

Get in touch with us to learn more and be part of our upcoming events. Just call 8721 0431 or email us at ssi@sagesoftcloud.com