What are the Top IT Solutions Company in the Philippines?
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What are the Top IT Solutions Company in the Philippines?

In today’s age, technology is becoming more advanced with its usage, design, implementation, and features. Gone are the days when technology was only used for machinery as a way of assisting humans to complete the most difficult tasks. Today, the utilization of technology has been a massive part of companies when it comes to handling their business responsibilities. We cannot hide the fact that the use of technology has been helpful for more than decades as it makes any job more accessible than ever.

Nowadays, people who are well-informed when it comes to Information Technology have been developing several solutions for business matters. Some of these people develop software, programs, and even services to act as support in today’s growing industry. No matter what your business is, handling it with the utilization of technology makes it more beneficial for the owner, its workers, and the customers.

What is IT Solution?

IT Solution refers to a set of software, programs, and various services that are sold as a single package by IT developers. According to SearchITOperations, these IT experts develop these kinds of solutions to help business owners in solving a problem with the aid of technology.

What Does an IT Solutions Company Do?

As a company owner, you need to make sure that your technology is accessible and operational from time to time. Do you know why? It is because of the possible technical difficulties that might occur during work hours. Do you have an idea what happens when your system crashes? Your employees will be in chaos as they cannot proceed with their tasks without it. To avoid having these problems, an IT Solution Company can help you as soon as possible.

An IT Solutions Company in the Philippines helps its respective clients to solve and understand complex business issues with the aid of technology. Effectiveness and reliability are essential in any IT Solution Company. With that, those companies focus on finding the answers to take any service to the next level. They monitor, support, and maintain your IT systems at a fixed price to support the whole company’s performance.

List of IT Solutions Companies in the Philippines

  1. Sagesoft Solutions, Inc.— Sagesoft is an ideal IT solutions provider in the Philippines. It is an Information Technology Company that provides consultancy, technology support, and application from small to large enterprises throughout the country. They offer the right strategic system to their customers to make them better with the use of cloud computing.Sagesoft offers IT solutions such as Suse, Mark Logic, Acronis, Webroot Smarter Cybersecurity, Nagios, and Aws to help any business as regards to their responsibilities. Their software applications and packages are said to be made by their partners abroad.   
  1. IT Group, Inc.— IT Group Inc. enables companies to be one step ahead of today’s business landscape. They provide the ultimate thinking solution by creating new and innovative ideas that drive digital transformation. As a company, they have 16 solid years of experience when it comes to serving the enterprise market in various industries across Southeast Asia. They mainly provide cost-effective solutions from basic IT Management up to the next generation’s software applications.As an IT Solutions Company, IT Group Inc. is mainly focused on NetSuite Business Cloud Software Solutions, IT Service Management Solutions, Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions, and Database Management Solutions.
  1. Yondu— Yondu Inc. is one of the top IT Solutions companies in the Philippines. Its first name was Entertainment Gateway Group, where it only had three employees under its name. Despite being new in the world of Information Technology, Yondu has paved its way for being one of the best. Today, Yondu is one of the top IT players in the country. As a company, they promote a digitally-savvy society, and they deliver solutions no matter how complicated the problem may be. They always strive to explore more innovations in the name of digital transformation for their clientele.According to them, “different problems require their distinct solutions.” With that, they provide the right tools to serve you at any moment. They mainly offer Ready-to-use platforms, Software Development, Managed Services, and IT Staffing as thoroughly as possible. Yondu Inc. has vowed to take care of your needs with its IT Solutions.  
  1. AIM Corporate Solutions, Inc.— ACSI or AIM Corporate Solutions, Inc. is an IT Solutions Company located in Makati City, Philippines. It is known for providing a variety of IT services and solutions in the country. They mainly offer IT security, IT Consulting/Training, Infrastructure, Business & Recovery Planning, Database Management, Resource Augmentation, and Outsourcing services to their clientele nationwide.As an IT Solutions Company, they have an IT Staff that are skilled in their respective fields to assure you high-quality solutions and services. According to them, you should only focus on your business, and they will focus on your IT needs.
  1. Alliance Software Incorporated — Alliance Software, Inc. is a global IT solutions company in the Philippines. It is recognized as one of the country’s largest and most respected software development outsourcing company. They mainly provide Retail Solutions, Workplace Productivity Solutions, Cloud Solutions, ERP Solutions, and several professional services for their clients.In today’s time, technology performs a significant role in empowering any business operations. The more technology-dependent your company is, the less room there is for blunders. You need to sort out your priorities and let the experts control your IT requirements for the betterment of everyone.