What Backup Solutions in the Philippines Should We Use for Our Computer?
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What Backup Solutions in the Philippines Should We Use for Our Computer?

Have you ever experienced working late at night, and then suddenly, your work wasn’t saved or copied? It becomes frustrating, right? It seems that all your hard work and the time you spent upon working were just nothing. With that, a backup is essential in our daily lives, no matter how old we are. We need to be ready as much as possible to avoid having dilemmas in the future, whether in work, school, or personal life.

When it comes to business, backup solutions in the Philippines should be a priority because things are different when it comes to managing lots of valuable information. We can’t always be a hundred percent sure whether the device is functioning well from to time. Sometimes, situations like accidental deletion, unexpected brownout, or an unusual event might happen even if you are fully aware of what is happening around you. To avoid these problems, acquiring a backup software or system can save the day.


What is a Backup Solution? 


When it comes to business, every data is essential for the company’s record and proof in case if something happens. With this, a backup solution or system is needed to secure every information as much as possible. SearchDataBackup mentions that “the term backup has become synonymous with data protection.”

According to Techopediabackup software is primarily used as a means of keeping a backup of the most critical files residing on your computer or server. By having this kind of support, you will be at peace, knowing that everything is copied and duplicated even if things went wrong in the process. By wrong, it pertains to uncertain circumstances, like file corruption, accidental deletion, virus, or an unforeseen disaster.


What are the 3 Types of Backups?


The three types of backups are: 

  1. Full Backup – This isthe most basic type of backup operation. This backup is programmed to make a copy of all of your data to another set of media. By another set of media, it can be a disk or a tape.
  1. Incremental Backup – This type of backup only copies the data that has been changed from the last backup operation. It merely means that not every information is copied, unlike the full backup system. The incremental backup only copies a smaller amount of data.
  1. Differential Backup – This backup is similar to incremental backup. With that, it also copies the changes from the last full backup operation. However, it stores more data compared to incremental.


Why Do We Need Backup?


In today’s age, technology is present to save us from data loss. We cannot control every circumstance in our lives, so we need something necessary to protect the business from losing its investors and shutting down. The files on your computer are very delicate. The information in those files can be destroyed, altered, or damaged, so a backup is needed to get back on track. Since “data” is your company’s most valuable asset, the loss of such will lead to financial loss and fiasco. Thus, having a backup helps you to stay away from this embarrassment as it will serve as your “plan B” in case something wrong happens. Just like the famous adage says, “prevention is better than cure.”


What are the Existing Backup Solutions in the Philippines?


  1. Acronis Backup Advance Suite – Acronis provides the fastest backup and recovery for your operating system. It is a unified data protection and disaster recovery solution for any environment. The Acronis Backup Advanced Suiteis said to be suitable for small and medium businesses with its powerful Acronis AnyData Engine. All in all, this backup solution has flexible recovery options for disaster recovery to assure you of the continuation of your business.You can purchase this backup solution through Sagesoft Solutions, or visit them directly at 19 Eisenhower St., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines.
  1. Veritas Backup Exec  Veritas Backup Exec is a backup solution delivered in your way. By using this, your data will remain secure and available at every stage without you being stressed and agitated at every moment. Veritas is said to be simple yet powerful. It is fast, reliable, and cost-effective with a variety of flexible backup and recovery methods. All in all, this backup solution will always meet your business demands and expectations for backup and recovery matters at all times.
  1. Fujitsu Backup – If you want to secure your data with the highest levels of protection, Fujitsu Backup is an excellent choice to consider. This backup solution protects your data with a highly flexible, quick, and efficient cloud-based backup and recovery service for your business to rely on. It likewise offers convenience and reliability that is demanded by any organization as of today. As a whole, it is a fail-proof cloud-based backup that can empower your business with its active and fast retrieval. 
  1. Azure – Azure provides a durable cloud storage, backup, and recovery solutions for any of your data. You can use Azure’s backup capabilities with your existing infrastructure to enhance your business’ continuity strategy. Also, you can manage it to provide the storage you need for your applications. As a whole, this backup solution is secure, reliable, and cost-competitive. 

These are just some of the existent backup solutions in the Philippines. If you want to consider more choices, there are still more of them online. Also, if you wish to know more about their backup solution, you may visit their stores directly if you have the time. Backups are always essential as a way of avoiding problems in the future. By having a backup, you are saving most of your time to do more important things without having to worry if your files are safe from deletion and corruption.